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If you’re in need of a trusted nanny placement service, Windermere Nannies is a company built on a strong foundation of reliable customer care. Our goal is to provide busy families with the high-quality assistance they need to make every day the best day possible. After a series of rigorous screening processes, we match you with a dedicated and expertly skilled nanny who holds our core values to heart. We don’t only establish strong relationships for our placement services, but we integrate the highest standards of care for our nannies.

Integrity is a big part of where our journey begins; our decision-making process always runs in the best interest of our nannies and families. Another core value we hold true while running our business is dependability. You can trust our team and our amazing caregivers to be punctual, reliable, and fully present to ensure a stress-free experience every time. Our app partners like Rayz Kidz and hands-on concierge service can help provide a more comfortable and reliable experience with your nanny. This personalized one-on-one placement is designed to be flexible enough to handle all your childcare needs and pair you with a great nanny based on your schedule, family details, and location, wherever you may live in the United States – or traveling abroad.

We succeed in following up our strong morals with transparency. When it comes to children, we believe that open and honest communication is the best way to handle any issue that may arise. Your children’s safety is always our number one priority; you can trust in the top principles of our ‘code of conduct‘ which we require both parties to sign during the onboarding process.

Founded by Katelyn Arias, Windermere Nannies is a premier platform for busy families to establish relationships with highly skilled and dedicated nannies nationwide. Born and raised in Orlando, Katelyn enrolled in Safe Sitter classes at her local hospital at just twelve years old. Over the course of her life, she was always drawn to her love of childhood education and development both academically and professionally. She pursued this passion throughout her career by achieving an Early Childhood Degree, working in various roles at childcare facilities in Orlando, and being recruited to nanny for some of the families who attended. Now a mother of her own children, Katelyn has made it a goal to pass down what she has learned and help even more families and caregivers in need with their day-to-day lives.

Windermere Nannies provides exceptional childcare you can trust all while honoring fair pay for our caregivers and being a role model within our community. High standards of service to our client families and caregivers are just a stepping stone to our end goal of sharing a little love and joy from our family to yours!

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Windermere Nannies

Windermere Nannies is the premier nanny and domestic staffing agency for busy families to establish relationships with highly skilled and dedicated nannies. We rely on careful and thorough screening processes as we are committed to finding caregivers who exemplify the core values of our agency. Our priority is to offer a trusted, reliable service that aligns with the needs of families and their precious little ones! 

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