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When it comes to finding the perfect caregiver position, it is crucial to work with a reputable agency that values professionalism, experience, and the well-being of both caregivers and families. Windermere Nannies is dedicated to connecting professional nannies with exceptional families, ensuring a harmonious and fulfilling caregiver experience. Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in the industry makes us the go-to agency for caregivers seeking quality positions.We require the following of our applicants, if you meet these requirements we invite you to apply today.

1. Willing to legally paid (we do not place nannies in 1099 positions)
2. Minimum 3 Years Paid Experience (in a private home or childcare facility)
3. Excellent References from previous employers
4. Willing to undergo and pass a thorough background check.
5. Up-to-date CPR and First Aid Certification
6. Valid Driver’s License.
7. Must be non-smokers, as smoking can pose health risks and is generally incompatible with providing a healthy and safe environment for children.
8. Nannies should be in good physical health
9. Educational Background: While not always a strict requirement, having a background in early childhood education or a related field can be beneficial, as it demonstrates a deeper understanding of child development and educational principles.
10. Nannies must have legal authorization to work in the United States

These strict requirements help ensure that nannies are qualified, experienced, and capable of providing the highest standard of care for children while maintaining their safety and well-being.

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Because Windermere Nannies requires such a rigorous vetting process, we pride ourselves on hand selecting the top nannies with the best fit for your specific family. This is also why we find it so important our clients provide our vetted nanny candidates with competitive pay and benefits.