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Please provide 2 professional childcare or childcare-related references who can speak to your experience.


We are in a unique and challenging environment and time in our history. Windermere Nannies in part were created to help solve challenges for families and caregivers alike during this time. Many people are out of work, or being forced to work from home. Children are being kept home for safety concerns or requirements due to schools being shutdown. Our Windermere Nannie's team cares about the lives and health of EVERY one of our families and caregivers - and we have created extra precautions in order to minimize the effects of COVID-19 on our families and caregivers.
Familiarize yourself with the symptoms in the guideline above (fever, lack of smell/taste, flu-like symptoms, etc.) and agree to sign our DocuSign document acknowledging you do not have any of these symptoms. Our families will also be required to do this for themselves and their children (and anyone else in their household while you may be providing services).

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