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Family Code Of Conduct

1. Will describe job position in detail and will not ask the nanny to perform duties outside what is originally agreed to in the contract

2. If our children raise a concern, we agree to work with nanny and agency to seek amicable resolution before making any final determinations

3. We will address grievances with the nanny in a timely manner and will refrain from speaking negatively about the nanny if front of the children

4. We will not participate in discrimination or sexual harassment in any form

5. We will be considerate of the nanny's personal time and refrain from asking the nanny to work more hours than agreed upon. however, if the nanny agrees to work above contracted HOURS, we understand we legally obligated to pay overtime

6. Should we require additional duties of our nanny, we will work with Windermere Nannies to create a new contract.

7. We will respect the nanny's privacy and will refrain from asking personal and prying questions

8. Unless outlined in the contract as a job expectation, we will not expect the nanny to tidy messes made or care for the children while off duty

9. We will adhere to the laws surrounding the responsibilities of employing someone in our home including workman's compensation, legal pay and overtime wages

10. We agree to compensate wages and benefits on time in adherence to our contract