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Proper placement is the cornerstone of our success! Our placement process is crafted to match you with the right position here at Windermere Nannies. Once you apply to join our team, the process is simple. Why? Because we do all the work for you! Each applicant will be put through an in-depth vetting induction to ensure we are supplying the safest and highest quality of care to our customers.

This thorough process might seem intimidating at first; however, it can actually be quite enjoyable because our team will get to know you more deeply to learn all about your unique interests and skills. During this step of the placement process, we have the privilege of discovering the one-of-a-kind talents that will make you a special asset to Windermere Nannies and the families you will work for. These distinctive qualities are what set you apart from other local nannies; our agency celebrates these differences in order to pair you with the most fitting family to fulfill everyone’s needs.

Once you’re matched with a family, we work closely with you through each step of the hiring process. Instead of figuring out complicated payroll questions with the parents, our representatives will take care of all the paperwork as well as many other steps of this process. Anything revolving around selection, payroll, or contracts, we will organize, so you don’t have to. It’s as simple as that!

We even play an active role in staying in contact with you after you’ve been hired to provide on-going support as well as personal and professional development opportunities along the way, so you can continue to grow as a childcare professional. Your best interests are always our top priority, so we would never want you to be put in positions you may feel uncomfortable with or unprepared for. We help guide you, so you can grow!

If any personal or professional matters arise during a job, we rely on our strong communication skills and ensure that you always feel heard, appreciated, and understood. Like we said, once hired, you’re family. So, welcome!