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Windermere's Vetting Process

At Windermere Nannies, we take our thorough vetting system very seriously; it is of great eminence that families feel safe welcoming our staff into their homes to care for their children. A rigorous background check for our caregivers ensures the well-being of every family and their children. Building a relationship of trust between our company, our customers, and our staff is the platform we built our core values upon. We advertise these beliefs because we stand by them wholeheartedly.

Our Requirements

New Nannies & Babysitters

Due to this lofty responsibility we carry with us, Windermere Nannies has numerous requirements while vetting potential nannies and babysitters:

Experience is a must. Windermere Nannies requires 3 years minimum of a paid childcare work experience and an additional 2 years of nanny experience is preferred as well. You will submit your resumes and list of credentials for a full review by our agency.

Every applicant we consider for our team will come in for an in-person interview. If you are not local, we are also able to set up a virtual interview instead. When applying, it is required to list previous employers or clients, so we can validate your credentials.

Windermere Nannies only ends up selecting the top 10% of all applicants to our team.

You Can Trust

Exceptional Care
Windermere Nannies - Child Care

Each candidate must pass a nanny basic skills assessment created by the International Nanny Association. Through our comprehensive screening, we will also submit an in-depth background check through checkr.com. As an added layer of security, we run continuous checks on all our nannies and sitters – this check alerts us in real-time to any changes through checkr.com to ensure the safety of all our clients.

Since the safety and wellbeing of the children of these families are our top priorities, we must have you verify current CPR and first aid certifications as well. If this is not up to date, we assist all candidates in re-certification before allowing them to accept any placements.

If families prefer, they can require additional background checks or a deeper look into their desired nannies work experience too. We proudly provide complete peace of mind for each of our families, and that all begins with you!