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If you enjoy working with children of all ages, our company doors are always open to new sitters and nannies looking to join our amazing Windermere Nannies team. Our caregivers find continuous fulfillment helping out families with their nurturing skills. Constantly attempting to show appreciation for your hard work, we have numerous benefits for you once accepted. For instance, as a Windermere nanny, you make your own schedule! Whether you want to only work a few hours a week or strive to pursue this as a full-time position, we are flexible to your needs.

Fair and equal pay is of huge importance to us as a company. This means that every dollar you make will go directly into your pocket. Unlike any other agency, we don’t clip off any percentage of your earnings. Babysitting another family’s children is nothing less than a huge responsibility, so we have set up a fair system for you to earn the maximum compensation you deserve. Why? Because now, you’re family!

Another added benefit is our investment into your growth as an exceptional caregiver, but more importantly, as an individual. We are committed to spending the time and energy to give you the proper training and enrichment when you join our team. By being partnered with local businesses and other professionals, we have the resources to develop your skill sets to further pursue your careers in the future. Your professional development is a huge investment, and we are here to help!

At Windermere Nannies, we are devoted to creating a safe space for our community to blossom. If you ever have any concerns or questions, we encourage you to speak to us every step of the way to ensure you always feel a part of our close-knit team. With this clear lane of communication, we believe you will thrive in our community.

Our founder, Katelyn Arias, has been in your same position before developing Windermere Nannies as a successful company. She is an active member of our community and wishes to pass down her knowledge and guidance to the aspiring nannies we hire. By creating a healthy work environment full of trust and transparency, you can feel at ease knowing your concerns will always be taken seriously and addressed head-on. At Windermere Nannies you’re joining a caring family and being given the opportunity to work with thoughtful and respectful new mentors while pursuing your career goals.